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During pregnancy the body undergoes many changes in a relatively short space of time. The body has to adapt to these changes which include softening of the ligaments, weight increase and changes in posture. All of these can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body, including the spine and pelvis.
Osteopathy is a gentle and safe approach to help ease these stresses and strains on your body both during and after pregnancy.
Post pregnancy joint pains can occur as you recover from labour and carry and feed your new baby. We can treat and advise on back and neck pain caused by lifting and certain feeding postures which are common in new mums. 
The Body Clinic uses the “Belly pillows” during treatment of all expectant mums to give you support and comfort  during treatment and allow you to lie on your front. These are completely safe and very comfortable! We have two sizes, one for mums in the early stages that mould around your bump and stop you having to lie on your hardened stomach and one for mums further into their pregnancy where the pillow supports your bump and relieves the pressure of your lower back and hips. The “Belly Pillow” allows us to give you a thorough and effective treatment while you are kept completely comfortable.


Osteopathy for children and babies is a gentle and safe treatment approach . At The Body Clinic we aim to use Osteopathy to help encourage natural development and if necessary natural recovery from symptoms.


Babies’ skeletons are softer than an adults and so require a gentler approach to treatment. Nicola often uses Cranial techniques, a safe and non manipulative approach which is very subtle and gentle and can help soothe and relax your baby.
Treatment follows an in depth case history on a babies first visit. This will cover aspects of both the mother and child's health, the labour and birth and the babies condition from birth to coming to us. Because of this it is important the mother is present on the first consultation.
Once we have examined the child and believe they could benefit from treatment as well as discussed the treatment plan with the parents to ensure they are happy to proceed treatment usually involves gentle massage, gentle mobilisation of joints and cranial techniques. Treatment is very different to that of adults and the baby will not feel any pain during treatment. We can also advise of any dietary changes and small lifestyle changes that could help speed up recovery.


Treatment of children is similar to that of babies but as they get older they can become more involved and play a more active role in their treatment and recovery.


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