Jessica - "In my 3rd pregnancy I suffered with back and sciatic pain pretty much from the start. After putting up with it for a while due to my midwife telling me 'I'd just have to get on with it' I decided to seek help and was treated by Nicola. She was very professional and knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. I had only one treatment, was given clear instructions to follow at home, and if I needed to ask any questions (which I did) Nicola was always there to answer them. I was unsure at first but she totally cured my pain and I continued my pregnancy without any sciatic pain at all! Would definitely recommend her and in fact, I have done a few times."



During Pregnancy your body undergoes huge physical and hormonal changes in a relatively short space of time. Your body has to adapt to these changes along with the increased weight gain and extra physical strain on your body and tissues with the extra weight of both your baby and your uterine waters. 

Osteopathy is a gentle and safe approach to help ease pregnancy pain and discomfort. We can also help prepare your body for labour and help you recover after Labour. 


New Mums

Post pregnancy pains are also common as you recover from labour and carry and feed your new baby. It is important to ensure you are in good health in order for you to care for you child as best you can. At The Body Clinic we can treat and advise on back and neck pain caused by lifting and certain feeding postures which are common in new mums. 



Osteopathy for children and babies is a gentle, effective and completely safe treatment for children suffering from a variety of disorders. At The Body Clinic Mk we aim to use Osteopathy to help encourage natural development and if necessary natural recovery from symptoms.

David -  " I took my son to see Nicola for cranial treatment when he was about 2 weeks old. Nicola was wonderful and so gentle with him meaning he stayed calm and relaxed during each session. She made me, as a new parent, feel completely at ease, explaining each part of the treatment and answering all my questions. My little boy started to sleep better and the movement in his neck improved remarkably as a result of our sessions with Nicola. Thank you very much! "



Labour and Birth is one of the most physically stressful things you and your baby will go through . During the birth process the baby is subjected to strong forces and compressions from the uterus pushing the baby out of the uterus, down through the bony pelvis and out through the birth canal. 

Normally these compressive forces correct themselves within a couple of days through movement, feeding and crying. However sometimes, usually after prolonged or difficult labours, these forces do not self correct and babies can present with a variety of conditions 

as a result of this compression.


Babies come to clinic presenting with symptoms of irritability, prolonged crying, trapped wind and poor sleeping patterns just to name a few. Treatment follows an in depth case history of a babies first visit. This will cover aspects of both the mother and child's health, the labour and birth and the babies condition from birth up to coming to clinic. Because of this it is important the mother is present on the first consultation.



Once Nicola has examined your child and believes they could benefit from treatment as well as discussed the treatment plan with the parents to ensure they are happy to proceed, treatment usually involves gentle massage of soft tissue, gentle mobilisation of joints and cranial techniques. Treatment is very different to that of adults and the baby will not feel any pain during treatment. Nicola can also advise of any dietary changes and small lifestyle changes that could help speed up recovery.

Sophie -" I took my daughter to Nicola after a long, complicated labour had left her seemingly uncomfortable. Nicola was thorough in her examination, knowledgable and was quick to reassure us and give us advice . I felt involved in all my daughter's treatments and Nicola is great at explaining what she is doing and keeping babies calm and distracted throughout. My daughter only needed a few treatments and was back to being a happy baby, I would definitely recommend"



As children develop and grow some aches and pains can be expressed due to rapid changes to their musculo-skeletal system and as they develop through toddler years, school years and into teenagers they become more active and susceptible to sprains and strains. 


Osteopathy can treat children and teenagers for a variety of conditions including:

Postural problems 

Growing pains 

Joint pains 


Muscle pains

Sporting injuries 

Back and Neck Pain and Stiffness


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