Pedro - " I met Nicola in 2016 and she has been making sure that I keep any running injuries at bay ever since. I have regular sports massages and Osteopathy treatments and have always found Nicola's treatments to be very efficient, as we'll as the great advice that she keeps giving me in terms of injury prevention and exercises"


At The Body Clinic MK Nicola see's and treats a variety of sporting injuries and issues using Osteopathy, Kinesio taping and Sports massage. 

Sporting injuries usually occur as a result of repetitive movements and activity and early treatment is essential in order to accelerate the healing process and ensure a speedy return to sport.


Nicola offers a service where she examines, identifies any biomechanical issues, diagnoses, treats and rehabs patients in a way that provides them with the tools to help prevent reoccurrence as much as possible. 

Nicola is Trained in the use of Kinesio Tape, a bright colourful, functional tape which you often see top athletes on the TV and on the sports field wearing. Kinesio tape supports damaged or fatigued muscles, ligaments and joints aiding their recovery and can also be used in acute injuries to help drain areas of fluid, relieving pain and inflammation.


Sports massage

Sports massage can be a great tool when training for or recovering from an event. Sports massage can:- 

Increase circulation 

Remove tissue adhesions 

Break down scar tissue 

Improve Lymphatic Flow 

Reduce muscle Fatigue 

Promote Flexibility 

Having treatments and sports massages at regular intervals on the run up to your event can help maintain muscle health and joint function. It can also help maintain muscle flexibility and muscle elasticity which is important as these two factors often reduce as you train harder.


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